Manuscript Releases, vol. 9 [Nos. 664-770]


Ellen White at Petoskey Reaches Out to Know Her Duty

Petoskey is wide awake preparing for July. [The fourth of July celebrations.] There will be great doings here, but we go on Sabbath to Harbor Springs and hold our meetings, away from the noise. 9MR 72.2

Brother and Sister Miller and Brother Huges from the college at Battle Creek are on the ground. Theodore Lewis is here waiting for the tents from Sherman. It will be a nice thing to go over to Harbor Springs.... 9MR 72.3

Brother Fargo came last Monday night and returned Wednesday night. Will be here at the school. He is of excellent courage and seems better than I have ever seen him before.... 9MR 72.4

I shall be pleased to see you, for I shall make no move until you come and we can arrange together what is best to be done. We will talk over the matter together. All want me to go to Harbor Springs and pitch my tent. I know not what is best—whether to keep open our home here or not. I do wish I had someone to counsel with. Emma is coming up here this week. Gage's people are coming up to stay some weeks. If we all go to Harbor Springs, they may want the home for a few weeks. Well, you ought to be here, it seems to me, at the very first. I am really perplexed about what is best to do. Professor Prescott is desirous for me to be located on the ground. I want counsel.—Letter 83, 1891, pp. 1, 2. (To W. C. White, July 3, 1891.) 9MR 72.5