Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 657—E. G. White Not a Grammarian

Friday, January 10, 1873—We rose early to prepare to go to San Francisco. My heart is inexpressibly sad. This morning I take into candid consideration my writings. My husband is too feeble to help me prepare them for the printer, therefore I shall do no more with them at present. I am not a scholar. I cannot prepare my own writings for the press. Until I can do this I shall write no more. It is not my duty to tax others with my manuscript.... 8MR 448.1

Saturday, January 11, 1873—We rested well last night. This Sabbath morning opens cloudy. My mind is coming to strange conclusions. I am thinking I must lay aside my writing I have taken so much pleasure in, and see if I cannot become a scholar. I am not a grammarian. I will try, if the Lord will help me, at forty-five years old to become a scholar in the science. God will help me. I believe He will.—Manuscript 3, 1873, 5. (Diary, January 1 to 31, 1873.) 8MR 448.2

Tuesday, April 1, 1873—Have arranged my writings, preparatory to work.... 8MR 448.3

Wednesday, April 2, 1873—Continued my work upon my writings in the office.—Manuscript 6, 1873. (Diary, April 1 to 30, 1873.) 8MR 448.4

Released October 26, 1978.