Manuscript Releases, vol. 8 [Nos. 526-663]


MR No. 656—Christ's Obedience and Ours

The great Teacher came into our world, not only to atone for sin, but to be a teacher both by precept and example. He came to show man how to keep the law in humanity, so that man might have no excuse for following his own defective judgment. We see Christ's obedience. His life was without sin. His life-long obedience is a reproach to disobedient humanity. The obedience of Christ is not to be put aside as altogether different from the obedience He requires of us individually. Christ has shown us that it is possible for all humanity to obey the laws of God. He served as a son with the Father. Just so we must every one serve with God, not in our own improvised plans. Serving is a living service, when self is not made supreme. 8MR 447.1

The serving of the Son of God with the Father has ennobled all service. “I delight to do Thy will, O my God:” he said, “yea, thy law is within my heart” (Psalm 40:8). David's heart was enlarged, and he ran in the way of the Lord's commandments. 8MR 447.2

The work of Christ was not a divided heart service. Christ came not to do His own will, but the will of Him that sent Him. Jesus says, Step in the footprints of my Sonship in all obedience. I obey as in partnership with the great firm. You are to obey as in co-partnership with the Son of God. Often you will not see the path clearly; then ask of God, and He will give you wisdom and courage and faith to move forward, leaving all issues with Him. We want to comprehend so far as possible the truly human nature of our Lord. The divine and human were linked in Christ, and both were complete.—Letter 69, 1897, pp. 10, 11. (To Brother Hardy, February 7, 1897.) 8MR 447.3