The Gospel Herald


August 1, 1899

Need of Caution


“There must be laborers in the South who possess caution. They must be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves. All who engage in this work should be men who have their pen and tongues dipped in the holy oil of Zechariah 4:11-14. An unadvised word will stir the most violent passions of the human heart and set in operation a state of things that will close the way for the truth to find access to the field now in such great need of workers. GH August 1, 1899, par. 1

“It is not ministers that can preach that are needed so much as men and women who understand how to teach the truth to poor, ignorant, needy, and oppressed people. And as to making it appear that there is not need of caution, it is because those who say such things do not know what they are talking about. It needs men and women who will not be sent to the Southern field by our people, but who will feel the burden to go into this neglected portion of the vineyard of the Lord.—Men, while their hearts burn with indignation as they see the attitude of the white people toward the black, will learn of the Master, Jesus Christ, that silence in expression regarding these things is eloquence. They all need the intelligence that they may learn of Jesus Christ and the simplicity of how to work. GH August 1, 1899, par. 2

“The cultivation of the soil is an excellent arrangement, but it is not by the Northern people grouping together in a community that will accomplish the work they imagine will be a success. Hot tempered men better remain in the North. Men and women who possess the true Christ-like spirit of ministry may do excellent work among the Southern colored people. Make no masterly efforts to break down the prejudices of the Southern people, but just live and talk the love of Jesus Christ. There cannot be any greater harm done to the Southern colored people than to dilate on the harm and wrongs done them by white Southerners. Just keep the lips closed although there cannot but be the burning indignation that longs to express itself.” GH August 1, 1899, par. 3

“There is a work to be done in opening schools to teach the colored people alone, unmixed with whites, and there will be a successful work done in this way. The Lord will work through the whites to reach the black race,—many of them through white teachers, but it needs the man and his wife to stand together in the work. More than one family of white teachers should locate in a place. Two or three families should locate near each other, not huddled together, but at a little distance apart, where they can consult together, and unite in worship of God together, and work to strengthen each others’ hands to raise up colored laborers to work in the South.” GH August 1, 1899, par. 4

“The Lord is testing you, my brethren, to see if you will heed his counsel, and take up your long neglected work. I am now urged to set this matter in its true bearing before you. The Spirit of God is upon me, and I dare not hold my peace. Time is passing. How long do you calculate to wait before you heed the word of the Lord? If the utmost caution is not used, there is danger that the Southern field will be closed. GH August 1, 1899, par. 5

“God has warned his people not to become absorbed in politics. We cannot bear the sign of God as his commandment-keeping people, if we mingle with the strife of the world. We are not to give our minds to political issues. God's people are walking contrary to his will when they mix up with politics, and those who commence this work in the Southern States reveal that they are not taught and led by God, but by that spirit which creates contention and strife and every evil work. We are subjects of the Lord's kingdom, and we are to establish that kingdom in righteousness. 1 Peter 1:13-28.” GH August 1, 1899, par. 6