Manuscript Release No 1033


Danvers, Massachusetts, Wednesday, December 10, 1890

I thank the Lord I slept well during the night. Arose at half past four and wrote ten pages before breakfast. Sister Whaff visited me some. She feels bad that we cannot stay longer. We packed our trunks to leave Lynn at quarter before eleven, accompanied by Elder Fifield. MR1033 41.1

Arrived at this place at quarter before twelve and walked to Brother Edwards’, where we shall make our home while here in Danvers. Wrote about eight pages. MR1033 41.2

Attended meeting in the evening. There were about 40 present. The notice was not inserted right. It was designed to be published for Wednesday evening, but was printed for Thursday evening, therefore I shall now have to speak both evenings. MR1033 41.3

I spoke from Matthew 11:25-27. My mind was led out to dwell particularly upon the mission of Christ, which was to reveal the Father.—Manuscript 51, 1890, 1 (Diary 16, p. 370). MR1033 41.4