Manuscript Release No 1033


Lynn, Massachusetts, Tuesday, December 9, 1890

Devoted some time to prayer. Rose at five o'clock. I wrote letters to Burley Salisbury, to Dr. Lay and family, also to Sister Appley, [Apparently no copies of the letters to Burley Salisbury, Dr. Lay, and Sister Appley were made before they were mailed. The White Estate files have three letters from Ellen White bearing the date December 9, 1890. Letter 32, 1890, four pages long, is addressed to Brother Smith, local elder of the Norwich Town church. She told him that when a new church is formed, angels are sent to impart the grace that is needed. Letter 74, 1890, is a request to the General Conference treasurer for $100 to help Ellen White meet her traveling expenses. Letter 75, 1890, is a four-page appeal for unity to the Norwich church.] and a letter to the church at Norwich. MR1033 40.1

We had an appointment to take dinner with Brother and Sister Burnham. We walked nearly one mile and it was snowy underfoot. We had no rubbers. We found them pleasantly situated. After we reached the house, which was in the outskirts of the city, we had a very pleasant visit with the family and then prayed with them, and the Lord drew near by His Holy Spirit. All seemed to be much gratified by the visit. We walked a portion of the way back. MR1033 40.2

I felt much exhausted after arriving at my stopping place, and retired at seven o'clock. I designed to make one more visit and attend the prayer meeting in the hall, but I knew it would be presumptuous. It is an exhausting process for me to visit. I feel much the same responsibility as when before the people. I know that light must be shining in all that is said and done, to reflect light upon those with whom we visit.—Manuscript 50, 1890, 6 (Diary 16, p. 369). MR1033 40.3