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The Camp Meeting Years, 1868-1881

Residing at Greenville and Battle Creek, Michigan, respectively, until late 1872, and then dividing her time between Michigan and California, Ellen White spent her winters writing and publishing. During the summer she attended camp meetings, some years as many as 28! Testimonies, numbers 14-30, now found in Testimonies, volumes 2-4, were published during these years. LHU 9.2

1868, September 1-7Attended first SDA camp meeting, held in Brother Root's maple grove at Wright, Michigan.
1870, July 28Second son, James Edson, married on his 21st birthday.
1870The Spirit of Prophecy, volume 1, published; forerunner of Patriarchs and Prophets.
1872, July-SeptemberIn Rocky Mountains resting and writing en route to California.
1873-1874Divided time between Battle Creek and California, attended camp meetings, and spent some months in 1873 in Colorado resting and writing.
1874, April 1Comprehensive vision of the advance of the cause in California, Oregon, and overseas.
1874, JuneWith James White in Oakland, California, as he founded the Pacific Press Publishing Association and the Signs of the Times.
1875, January 3At Battle Creek for dedication of Battle Creek College. Vision of publishing houses in other countries.
1876, February 11William Clarence, third son and manager of the Pacific Press, married at the age of 21.
1876,August Spoke to 20,000 at Groveland, Massachusetts, camp meeting.
1877The Spirit of Prophecy, volume 2, published; forerunner of The Desire of Ages.
1877, July 1Spoke to 5,000 at Battle Creek on temperance.
1878The Spirit of Prophecy, volume 3, published; forerunner of last part of The Desire of Ages, and The Acts of the Apostles.
1878, NovemberSpent the winter in Texas.
1879, AprilLeft Texas to engage in the summer camp meeting work.
1881, August 1With husband in Battle Creek when he was taken ill.
1881, August 6Death of James White.
1881, August 13Spoke for ten minutes at James White's funeral at Battle Creek.