Loma Linda Messages



“Whereas, the Loma Linda School of Evangelists has been established for the education and training of those who shall go forth into home and foreign mission fields to teach the gospel and to heal the sick: and, LLM 5.4

“Whereas, In these home and foreign mission fields there is need of thousands of medical missionary evangelists, thoroughly qualified to carry the gospel message and to minister to the sick, laboring as nurses who through diligent study and experience have acquired extraordinary ability; therefore,— LLM 5.5

“1. Resolved, That we approve of the efforts of the founders and managers of the Loma Linda School of Evangelists, to equip and conduct a school in connection with the Loma Linda Sanitarium; and we encourage them to strengthen its faculty, and to continue to give its students a thorough education and training in those practical lines of work in which the medical evangelist is called to engage. LLM 5.6

“2. Resolved, That the General Conference Medical Department be requested to give most careful study to the question of providing for our young people the most favorable opportunities for them to secure the qualifications that they must have in order to carry forward the medical missionary work of our cause. LLM 5.7

“Whereas, The financial burden of so conducting the Loma Linda School of Evangelists that the very best work shall be done in training workers for home and foreign mission fields is more than the Loma Linda Sanitarium and the Southern California Conference can carry unaided; therefore,— LLM 6.1

“3. Resolved, That we ask the Pacific Union Conference and the General Conference to assist in bearing the expense of this school. LLM 6.2