Loma Linda Messages


For the Training of Physicians

In answer to a question, “Is this school that you have spoken of simply to qualify nurses? or is it to embrace also the qualification of physicians?” Sister White replied: LLM 4.5

“Physicians are to receive their education here. Here they are to receive such a mold that when they go out to labor they will not seek to grasp the very highest wages, or else do nothing.” LLM 4.6

As early as December 10, 1905, Sister White had written to Elder and Mrs. Burden, “In regard to the school, I would say, Make it all you possibly can in the education of nurses and physicians.” LLM 5.1

But it was difficult for us to grasp at once a clear comprehension of the magnitude of the work to be accomplished in the training of medical missionaries for the world-wide work. All could not see alike as to how much might be involved in the training of physicians. Some felt that we could not hope successfully to give a complete medical course; others thought that we might give a special course that would enable our students to be recognized as practitioners of some system of healing, as are osteopaths, chiropractors, etc; while others thought that we might give two or three years of the medical course, sending the students to some other institution to complete their medical studies, where they might be granted degrees. LLM 5.2

Feeling that careful study should be given by the General Conference Medical Department to the training of physicians and to the development of the educational work at Loma Linda, and believing also that the magnitude of the work called for the world-wide support of our people, the convention voted unanimously the following resolutions: LLM 5.3