Loma Linda Messages


Loma Linda

Sept. 28, 1911.-5- H. 78-1911. Sept. 28, 1911.

Elder S. N. Haskell, Sanitarium, Calif.:

I have made some investments for Loma Linda to enable that institution to secure land adjoining the sanitarium that was for sale. Had this land been sold to unbelievers, and they had crowded in, the institution would have been placed at a disadvantage. I felt that we could not afford to run this risk. The land is now purchased, and to that extent we are safe from elements that might work trouble and confusion to our medical school. I could not rest until I had the assurance that we were safe from this possibility. This purchase may mean the keeping away from the institution a class of people who might have proved burdensome. Now that we have this land a burden is rolled off my heart. LLM 586.1