Loma Linda Messages


A Great Work

In the messages that have been sent through the Spirit of Prophecy to the workers in Southern California, great emphasis has been placed upon the advisability, because of the great tourist traffic in that section, of establishing strong institutional work in various important centers. In a letter written November 1, 1905, Sister White said: “The matter was presented to me that many sanitariums would have to be established in Southern California, for there would be a great inflowing of people there. Many would seek that climate.” LLM 1.2

Bearing this in mind as a part of the Lord's purpose for the carrying forward of His work in Southern California, we can better understand the calls that have been made for extraordinary movements in this field. In 1904 the Paradise Valley Sanitarium was secured, and early in 1905 the conference purchased the sanitarium at Glendale. Yet notwithstanding the financial burdens necessarily connected with the purchased and equipment of these two institutions, a call was made to establish a memorial for God in another important center. LLM 1.3

In a letter written in February, 1905, to a brother living in Redlands, Sister White said: “I hope that when you find a suitable place in Redlands, which could be used as a sanitarium, offered for sale at a reasonable price, you will let us know about it. We shall need a sanitarium in Redlands. Unless we start an enterprise of this kind, others will... LLM 1.4

“I merely mention this matter so that you may keep it in view. We shall not take any steps to establish a sanitarium in Redlands until we can be assured that we are doing the right thing.” LLM 1.5

Two months later she wrote: “Redlands and Riverside have been presented to me as places that should be worked. These two places should not longer be neglected. I hope soon to see an earnest effort put forth in their behalf. Will you please consider the advisability of establishing a sanitarium in the vicinity of these towns, with treatment rooms in each place, to act as feeders to the institution?” LLM 1.6

In this same letter we find this statement: “Our people in Southern California need to awaken to the magnitude of the work to be done within their borders.” And further: “I have a message to bear to the church-members in Southern California: Arouse, and avail yourselves of the opportunities open to you.” LLM 2.1