The Kress Collection


[Prayer by Brethren McClure and W. C. White]

W. C. White: If I understand the matter correctly, we have come to believe that the Lord would be pleased to have us make the health food business a great missionary agency, a means of reaching the people with the truths and reforms of this generation. To do this, we must reach out and establish the business in as many localities as we can. As a matter of first importance is to bring right principles of dealing into our home work, so that our employees shall be trained aright and be enabled to develop Christian character, so that when they go out they may correctly represent a Christian enterprise. KC 140.5

In the development of plans the managers of the Food Company have been studying how to place the foods in the hands of our people at prices which they can afford to pay,—how to free the foods consumed by our people from those high prices which are necessary when we give a liberal salary to the man who travels to sell the goods, and a commission to the grocery-man who retails them. To accomplish this, it has been proposed that we organize a business connected with the College, operating under the name of the Healdsburg College Food Company, or some similar name, and that instead of dealing with agents or grocery-men, we sell to our people direct at a net rate. We have discussed more or less the question of how the Food Company should connect with the College—whether we should ask the College to conduct this business upon plans which we could approve, or whether the food company should conduct the business on plans which the College could approve; or whether the two should unite hand in hand in a partnership. KC 140.6

Here are the propositions prepared for consideration:— KC 141.1