The Kress Collection


Chapter I. The Health Food Work

Present: Mrs. E. G. White, W. C. White, N. C. McClure, M. E. Cady, Brethren Loper, Boeker, Fulton, Bowen, Haynes, Morian, and others. KC 140.3

[W. C. White: I esteem it a great privilege that we may meet together for counsel in regard to the work of the Food Company. I know that Mother is weary, and yet I trust that the Lord will bless us with instruction that has been given to her. Here are Brethren Fulton and Haynes, from San Francisco; Brethren Cady, McClure, and Lashier, from Healdsburg; Brother Loper from the sanitarium; and Brethren Boeker, Bowen, and others from the Food Company. In a very short time we shall enter meetings in which we ought to present to our people plans and ideals in regard to the work. It is certainly our privilege to ask and receive counsel and enlightenment from God. KC 140.4