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Medical Missionary Work in the Cities of California

There is work to be done in California that has been strangely neglected. Let this work be no longer delayed. As doors open for the presentation of truth, let us be ready to enter. Some work has been done in the large city of San Francisco, but as we study the field, we see plainly that only a beginning has been made. As soon as possible, well-organized efforts should be put forth in different sections of this city, and also in Oakland. The wickedness of San Francisco is not realized. Our work in this city must broaden and deepen. God sees in it many souls to be saved. KC 138.1

In San Francisco a hygienic restaurant has been opened; also a food store and treatment rooms. These are doing a good work, but their influence should be greatly extended. Other restaurants similar to the one on Market Street should be opened in San Francisco and in Oakland. Concerning the effort that is now being made in these lines of work, we can say, Amen and amen. And as soon as possible other lines of work that will be a blessing to the people will be established. Medical missionary evangelistic work should be carried on in a most prudent and thorough manner. The solemn, sacred work of saving souls is to advance in a way that is modest and yet ever elevated. KC 138.2

Where are the working forces? There are precious souls to be won to Christ. Thoroughly converted men and women of discernment and keen foresight should act as directors of this work. To do this special work, good judgment must be exercised in employing persons who love God and who walk before Him in all humility,—persons who will be effective agencies in God's hand for the accomplishment of the object He has in view,—the uplifting and saving of human beings. KC 138.3

Medical missionary evangelists will be able to do excellent pioneer work. The work of the minister will blend fully with that of the medical missionary evangelist. Christian physicians are not to regard their missionary work as inferior to that of the ministry. A consecrated physician bears a double responsibility; for in him are combined the qualifications of the physician with those of the gospel minister. His is a grand, a sacred, and a very necessary work. KC 138.4

The physician and the minister should realize that they are engaged in the same work. They should work in complete harmony. They are to counsel together. By their unity they will bear witness that God has sent His only begotten Son into the world to save all who will believe in Him as their personal Saviour. KC 138.5

Physicians whose professional abilities are above those of the ordinary doctor, should engage in the service of God in the large cities. They should seek to reach the higher classes. Something is being done in this line in San Francisco. But much more should be done. Let there be no misconception of the nature and the importance of this work. San Francisco is a large and an important portion of the Lord's vineyard. KC 138.6

Medical missionaries who labor in evangelistic lines are doing a work of as high an order as are their ministerial fellow workers. The efforts put forth by these workers are not to be limited to the poorer classes. The higher classes have been strangely neglected. In the higher walks of life will be found many who will respond to the truth because it is consistent, because it bears the stamp of the high character of the gospel. Not a few of the men of ability thus won to the cause will enter energetically into the Lord's work. KC 138.7

We are to do a special work for those who are in high positions of trust. The Lord calls upon those to whom He has entrusted His precious gifts to use in His service their talents of intellect and means. Some will be impressed by the Holy Spirit to invest the Lord's means in a way that will advance His work. They will fulfil His purpose by helping to create centers of influence in the large cities. Our workers should present before these men a plain statement of our needs, letting them know what they need in order to help the poor and needy and to establish this work on a firm basis. KC 139.1

Shall we not do all in our power to advance the work in San Francisco and Oakland, and in all the other cities of California? Thousands upon thousands who live in the cities close by us, need help in various ways. Let the ministers of the gospel remember that the Lord Jesus Christ said to His disciples, “Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid.” “Ye are the salt of the earth; but if the salt have lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted?” KC 139.2

In our cities interested workers will be led to offer themselves for various lines of missionary effort. Hygienic restaurants will be established. But with what carefulness should this work be done! Those working in these restaurants should be constantly studying, always experimenting, that they may make progress in the preparation of healthful foods. Every hygienic restaurant should be a school for the workers connected with it. In the cities this line of work may be done on a much larger scale than in the smaller places. But in every place where there is a church, instruction should be given in regard to the preparation of healthful, inexpensive foods. Thus the poor will be encouraged to adopt the principles of health reform. They will become industrious. KC 139.3

I saw also that there were several young men and young women, and also those of more mature age,—men and women of capability,—who were being taught of God how to prepare wholesome, palatable foods in an acceptable manner. I was instructed to encourage the establishment of cooking schools in all places where medical missionary work is done. Every inducement to lead the people to reform must be held out before them. Let as much light as possible shine upon them. Teach them to make every improvement that they can in the preparation of food, that they may teach others. KC 139.4

The Lord Jesus will work miracles for His people. In the sixteenth of Mark we read: “So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, He was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God. And they went forth and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following.” Here we are assured that the Lord was qualifying His chosen servants to take up medical missionary work after His ascension. KC 139.5

From the record of the Lord's miracles in providing wine at the wedding feast and in feeding the multitude, we may learn a lesson of the highest importance. The food business is one of the Lord's own instrumentalities, to supply a necessity. The heavenly Provider of all foods will not leave His people in ignorance in regard to the preparation of the best foods for all times and occasions.
KC 139.6

Our workers should exercise their ingenuity in the preparation of healthful foods. None are to pry into Dr. Kellogg's secrets. Yet I have been shown that the Lord is teaching many minds in many places to make healthful foods. There are many products which, if properly prepared and combined, can be made into foods that will be a blessing to those who cannot afford to purchase the more expensive health foods. He who in the building of the tabernacle gave skill and understanding in all manner of cunning work, will now give skill and understanding in the combining of natural food products, thus showing His people how to secure a wholesome, healthful diet. The work of combining fruits, grains, and roots into wholesome foods, is the Lord's work. KC 140.1

No one is to strive to become a great manufacturer of health foods, or to establish a monopoly in this business. Let no one seek to control the food business. But let every one do his God-appointed work in combining natural products to make healthful foods. KC 140.2

Report of Council about Medical Missionary Work

At “Elmshaven,” St. Helena, California.

April 13, 1902.