Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


View at Lovett's Grove, Ohio

In the spring of 1858, we visited Ohio, and attended conferences at Green Springs, Gilboa, and Lovett's Grove. At Lovett's Grove the Lord's blessing rested upon us in special power. On Sunday afternoon there was a funeral service at the schoolhouse where our meetings were being held. My husband was invited to speak. He was blessed with freedom, and the words spoken seemed to affect the hearers. LS 161.2

When he had closed his remarks, I felt urged by the Spirit of the Lord to bear my testimony. As I was led to speak upon the coming of Christ and the resurrection, and the cheering hope of the Christian, my soul triumphed in God; I drank in rich draughts of salvation. Heaven, sweet heaven, was the magnet to draw my soul upward, and I was wrapped in a vision of God's glory. Many important matters were there revealed to me for the church. LS 161.3