Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


A Victory at Waukon, Iowa

When we reached Waukon, late in December, 1856, we found nearly all the Sabbath keepers sorry we had come. Much prejudice existed against us, for much had been said that tended to injure our influence. LS 160.2

At the evening meeting I was taken off in vision, and the power of God fell upon the company. I related what the Lord had given me for the people. It was this: “Return unto Me, and I will return unto thee, and heal all thy backslidings. Tear down the rubbish from the door of thy heart, and open the door, and I will come in and sup with thee.” I saw that if they would clear the way, and confess their wrongs, Jesus would walk through the midst of us in power. LS 160.3

After I had borne my testimony, one sister began to confess in a clear, decided manner; and as she made confession, the floodgates of heaven seemed suddenly opened, and I was prostrated by the power of God. It seemed an awful yet glorious place. The meeting continued till past midnight, and a great work was accomplished. LS 160.4

The next day the meeting began where it had ended the night before. Those who had been blessed at the previous meeting retained the blessing. They had not slept much, for the Spirit of God rested upon them through the night. Some confessed their feeling of disunion with us and their backslidden condition. The meeting continued, without intermission, from ten o'clock in the forenoon till five in the evening. LS 160.5

That evening the burden left us. It was rolled upon the brethren and sisters of Waukon, and they labored for each other with zeal and with the power of God upon them. Countenances that looked sad when we came to the place, now shone with the heavenly anointing. It seemed that heavenly angels were passing from one to another in the room to finish the good work which had begun. Soon we were able to bid farewell to our brethren in Waukon, and to start on our homeward journey. LS 161.1