Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


“Arise, And Build”

In order to bring into existence a strong training center at the denominational headquarters, the brethren found it necessary to plan for the raising of a fund of $100,000. “God's word to His workers in Washington is, ‘Arise, and build,’” wrote Mrs. White in one of her published appeals in behalf of this fund; “and His word to His people in all the conferences is, ‘Strengthen the hands of the builders.’ The work in Washington is to advance in straight lines, without delay or hindrance. Let it not be kept back for lack of means.” The Review and Herald, July 14, 1904. LS 398.1

Nobly did the brethren and sisters throughout the world respond to the appeals sent forth for funds to establish a strong training center for workers at the nation's capital,—so nobly, in fact, that when the delegates to the 1905 General Conference met in the beautiful grove that had been purchased at Takoma Park, and presented the gifts of the conferences for the closing up of the fund, they found that the amount called for had been exceeded, and that a large overflow was available for appropriation to missions. LS 398.2

“We feel very grateful to our heavenly Father,” declared Mrs. White during the 1905 Conference session where the fund was made up, “because He has moved by His Holy Spirit upon the minds of His people to give so liberally for the establishment of His work here in Washington.... He will place His approval on the efforts made to carry forward His work on the lines that He has marked out.” The Review and Herald, June 1, 1905, p. 13. LS 398.3