Life Sketches of Ellen G. White


Words of Encouragement

Early in 1904 Mrs. White decided to go to Washington herself, to spend some months there while foundations were being laid. In the course of her first sermon, on Sabbath day, April 30, 1904, she said: LS 396.3

“In the city of Washington there is much to be done. I am thankful to God for the privilege of seeing the land that has been purchased for our institutional work in this place. The securing of this land was in the Lord's providence, and I praise God that our brethren had the faith to take this forward step. As I look over this city, I realize the magnitude of the work to be accomplished.... LS 397.1

“God now calls upon every believer in this center to act his individual part in helping to build up the work that must be done.” The Review and Herald, May 26, 1904. LS 397.2

A few days later, Mrs. White wrote: LS 397.3

“The location that has been secured for our school and sanitarium is all that could be desired. The land resembles representations that have been shown me by the Lord. It is well adapted for the purpose for which it is to be used. There is on it ample room for a school and a sanitarium, without crowding either institution.... LS 397.4

“A good location for the printing office has been chosen within easy distance of the post office; and a site for a meetinghouse, also, has been found. It seems as if Takoma Park has been specially prepared for us, and that it has been waiting to be occupied by our institutions and their workers. LS 397.5

“My hopes for this place are high. The country for miles and miles around Washington is to be worked from here. I am so thankful that our work is to be established in this place. Were Christ here upon the ground, He would say, ‘Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.’ John 4:35.” Letter 153, May 10, 1904. LS 397.6