Record of Progress and An Appeal In Behalf of the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium

Appeal In Behalf of the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium

Chapter 1—Establishment and Management of New Sanitariums

From time to time I receive letters inquiring whether I have any light in regard to the establishment of new sanitariums. For many years light has been given me regarding the value of medical missionary work, and the necessity of establishing sanitariums in chosen places, where their work and influence will tell for the advancement of the truth. Institutions in which medical missionary work can be done are to be regarded as especially essential to the advancement of the Lord's work. The sick and suffering are to be relieved, and then, as opportunity offers, they are to be given instruction regarding the truth for this time. Thus we can bring present truth before a class of people who could be reached in no other way. SpTB05 19.1

But it is not after the Lord's mind to have sanitariums multiplied too rapidly. It is not His plan that institutions doing the same kind of work shall be in such close proximity as to interfere with one another. Each sanitarium, wherever it may be, should have good facilities, experienced helpers, and the sympathy and support of the church and the community where it is situated. With each should be connected capable, God-fearing managers,—men who are sound in the faith, and who are able to carry the heavy responsibilities entrusted to them without running behind and involving the institution in debt. SpTB05 19.2

He who begins to build a tower must first sit down and count the cost, to find out whether, after beginning to build, he will be able to finish. Those proposing to establish a sanitarium should understand that it is a great undertaking. There are many who can do excellent work in connection with sanitariums already established, who have not sufficient skill or adaptability successfully to build up a new institution. SpTB05 19.3

If our brethren will carefully study this question, they will see that it is not right to encourage the establishment of additional sanitariums in a locality where the one already in operation is all that can be properly sustained. It is neither according to principles of justice nor good policy to divide between two institutions the support and patronage that are needed to maintain and meet the expenses of one. One sanitarium well managed usually requires all the patronage of the community in which it is established. A second institution stands directly in the way of the first. SpTB05 20.1