Record of Progress and An Appeal In Behalf of the Boulder-Colorado Sanitarium

Independent Sanitariums

Persons who feel at liberty to act from selfish impulse, and to establish independent sanitariums for personal profit have not properly considered the influence that such a course of action has on the world. In many cases those who patronize these independent institutions do so because they think that they are conducted upon unselfish, Christian principles, in harmony with the Seventh-day Adventist denomination, whereas, in reality, they are not religious institutions in any serious sense. SpTB05 20.2

From time to time men have started out in the establishment of independent sanitariums with the selfish desire to acquire something to benefit themselves. They have not been particular to take into consideration the effect that their actions would have upon the work of institutions established in the order of God, and by misrepresentation of institutions already in operation, they have labored to divert patronage to themselves for personal profit. Thus by selfishness they are led on and on to do injustice to the institutions established upon an unselfish basis, for the upbuilding of the Lord's work. SpTB05 20.3

Such men will make a desperate effort to gain the supremacy. A spirit will come in that Christ can not indorse,—a spirit that leads men to attempt to appropriate to themselves the reputation of other institutions. Those who think that it is their right to use, for the building up of private gain, the reputation of institutions which are working upon an unselfish basis, are making a sad mistake. SpTB05 21.1

God will not bless those who work without taking counsel with their brethren. All have a work to do. But we must view matters from every side. No one should receive the idea that God has appointed to any man the work of personally building up a sanitarium, even in a new field, without counseling with his brethren. Any one who supposes that in himself he is a complete whole, and that he can safely follow his own mind and judgment, is not to be trusted; for he is not walking in the light, as Christ is in the light. There are many who have false views of what they are doing. God desires those in His service to move wisely. He desires them to have clear ideas and deep spirituality, and to weigh carefully the motives which prompt them to action. SpTB05 21.2

There will ever be among us irresponsible men, who have a very limited conception of the important work which the Lord designs to have done in our institutions,—the work not only of caring for the sick, but also of disseminating the precious principles of health reform. Our sanitariums are to be schools in which lessons are to be constantly taught, by word and by example, regarding the value of these principles. In these institutions the nurses, the helpers, and the patients also, are to be taught to bring the leaves of the tree of life to sin-sick souls. SpTB05 21.3

Those who have failed of conforming their life practise to right principles can not do this work. They need to be thoroughly converted. Those who become so confused as to engage in sanitarium work for selfish profit will not be prospered in their spiritual life, and will be unable properly to influence others aright. Let those who have a desire to benefit self and to make self prominent, take up a work that does not involve the cause of God so much as does the establishment of sanitariums. God is not glorified by those who attempt to go faster than He leads. Perplexity, embarrassment, and distress, is the result of acting without due consideration and counsel. The Lord does not desire His representatives to make mistakes. SpTB05 22.1

The way of the Lord is always the right and prudent way. It always brings honor to His name. Man's only security against rash, ambitious movements is to keep the heart in harmony with Jesus Christ. Man's wisdom is untrustworthy. Man is fickle, filled with self-esteem, pride, and selfishness. Let the workers doing God's service trust wholly in the Lord. Then the leaders will reveal that they are willing to be led, not by human wisdom, which is as useless to lean upon as is a broken reed, but by the wisdom of the Lord, who has said, “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.” James 1:5-7. SpTB05 22.2