Special Testimonies Concerning the Work and Workers in the Pacific Press


God Requires All the Heart

33. The Lord will accept only the supreme affection of the soul, and this is his righteous requirement, for he has redeemed you with his blood. You are to seek to do the will of God, not your way and your will. I ask you now the question that the Lord is asking you: Who of you are resolved to eat the bread of life, that you may become stalwart Christians, maintaining spirituality, and able to “show forth the praises of him who hath called you out of darkness into his marvelous light”? Who of you in any capacity in the work of the office, will seek wisdom from God that you may represent the character of Christ in all your walks in life? Remember, your words, your actions, are either a savor of life unto life or of death unto death. Never forget that you are making a favorable or an unfavorable impression upon others in regard to the truth you profess to believe. PH152 47.1

34. The religion of the Bible must be practised, for the world is watching you and criticising your actions. The office at Oakland needs weeding out. Either those who have long been there and who have not realized the sacredness of the work, should be converted, or they should be discharged. It is the duty of every one in the office who professes to be a Christian to give unmistakable evidence to those who come to the office that he is a Christian in deed and in truth, and that he is working out the principles of the Bible in all his work. All lightness, all jesting and trifling is to be regarded as unchristian. Let every one see that you are governed by divine rule, that you are courteous and kind. If you keep the fear of the Lord ever before your eyes, he will work with your efforts, and crown you with success. Satan is continually at work that he may fill the mind with his suggestions, and cause you to follow his counsel. He advises you not to be overscrupulous in regard to honor and integrity, to look out sharply for your own interests, and demand the highest wages for your services. To some degree this is what has brought embarrassment upon the office. When the work is more attentively done, when there is a spirit of consecration, the Lord will hear your prayers, and will work in your behalf. But there is much unfaithfulness, and you need to call a halt, and begin the work of reformation in earnest. Those who are half-hearted and worldly, who are given to gossiping over the imperfections of others, while giving no attention to their own defects of character, should separate from the office, for they will demoralize others by their mischievous tongues. PH152 47.2

Ellen G. White

North Fitzroy, Victoria,

December 19, 1891.