Special Testimonies Concerning the Work and Workers in the Pacific Press


Mingling of Sacred and Common

31. There is such a mingling of the sacred and the common in the work at the office that much of the sacredness of the work of God has been lost from the minds of the workers. The subject matter that some are handling is of such a character that their attention is arrested, and their mind engaged, and the cheap, objectionable sentences are fastening upon the memory; and before they know it, they are influenced by the spirit of the writer, and their mind and character are fashioned in some objectionable mould. There are souls who have connected with the office who are weak in faith, weak in the power of self-control; and through the influence of such publications, a train of thought is started that will be difficult to repress and expel from the mind. Before they embraced the truth, they had formed the habit of reading light and trifling literature; and after uniting with the church, they made efforts to overcome this taste for novels and story-books. To introduce to this class, books that are not in harmony with the sacred work of God, is like putting the glass to the lips of the inebriate. With the temptation continually before them, they yield, and become interested in that which they discarded, and lose their relish for solid reading, and for Bible study, which is positively essential to the health of the soul. Through the influence of this kind of reading, moral power is enfeebled, dishonesty and crime do not appear so repulsive, discernment and sanctified perception are lost, and unfaithfulness in little things is increased. When the appetite of the mind is perverted, these poor souls will grasp any kind of reading that has a stimulating influence. PH152 45.1

32. All these things have been placed before me, and every line of business at the office must be regulated so that the purity of the Christian character shall be preserved. Every temporal, earthly interest must be so subjected to the interests of the higher life that at any sacrifice, Christian integrity shall be untarnished. The question of what shall be published at the office must be viewed in the light of the teachings of the Holy Scriptures. The Lord's voice must be honored and obeyed. “The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.” The truth must not be placed in the background as it now is; for subjects of vast importance to the soul receive only a passing notice, while these objectionable things have the foreground. The workers overlook the great truths that would make them wise unto salvation. They do not see that daily they are to receive manna from the heavenly table, that they are to feed upon the Word of life, and so gain spiritual strength. They are now to store up for the present and the future, supplies that will provide for the soul in times of emergency. They are to lay up in store the precious gold and silver and precious gems of the Word of God, jewels that will never perish. PH152 46.1