Gospel Temperance Work


Youth to Press to the Front

As Christians, we should stand firmly in defense of temperance. There is no class of persons capable of accomplishing more in the cause of temperance, than our God-fearing youth. If the young men who live in our cities would unite in a firm, decided army, and set their faces as a flint against every form of selfish, health-destroying indulgence, what a power they might be for good! How many they might save from becoming demoralized by visiting the halls and gardens that are fitted up with music and every attraction to allure the youth! Intemperance, Licentiousness, and Profanity are sisters. PH136 8.3

Let every God-fearing youth gird on the armor, and press to the front. Let no excuse be offered when you are asked to put your name to the temperance pledge, but sign every pledge presented, and induce others to sign with you. Work for the good of your own souls, and the good of others. Never let an opportunity pass to cast your influence on the side of strict temperance.—Counsels on Health, 441. PH136 9.1