Gospel Temperance Work


Training the Child for Right Living

The giant evil of intemperance is doing its baleful work in our land. Satan has his agents everywhere, who are instruments in his hands, to allure and ruin our youth. Shall not the voice of warning be heard at our own fireside? Shall we not, by precept and example, lead our youth to desire to reach high attainments, to have noble aims and holy purposes? This work is not a light, or a small work; but it is a work that will pay. One youth who has been instructed by right home-training, will bring solid timbers into his character-building, and by his example and life, if his powers are rightly employed, he will become a power in our world to lead others upward and onward in the path of righteousness. The salvation of one soul is the salvation of many souls.—The Review and Herald, July 10, 1888. PH136 8.2