The Story of our Health Message


A New Book Announced

The proposed visit to Dansville was postponed, however, for over a year, and was not made until after Mrs. White had completed the writing of Spiritual Gifts, Vol. IV, in which was included her article entitled “Health.” The announcement of this book appeared in the The Review and Herald, August 23, 1864. As to what followed we have Elder White’s report: SHM 97.4

“We left home August 24 and spent Sabbath with the brethren at Rochester, N.Y. The three following weeks we were at Dansville, N.Y., where we listened with deep interest to the lectures of Drs. Jackson and Hurd and enjoyed the practical illustrations of the principles of hygiene taught at ‘Our Home’ at their ample table, in the bathroom, and upon their beautiful walks. The three weeks were made still more happy by the society of brethren Dr. Lay and wife, King and daughter, Andrews, Edson, and Hall.”—The Review and Herald, November 22, 1864. SHM 98.1

The facts we have presented show that by this time the campaign in behalf of health reform among Seventh-day Adventists already had been well launched. However the visit to the Health Institute at Dansville may have influenced that movement, it did not by any means initiate it. This is clearly indicated in these words by Elder White in announcing his plans for visiting the institution: SHM 98.2

“The health question is much agitated among our people. The Dansville institution has its warm friends and strong prejudices against it. We wish to investigate as far as we can spare the opportunity to do so, that we may be able to speak more understandingly.”—Ibid., September 6, 1864. SHM 98.3