The Story of our Health Message



IN THE letter written in 1863 to Dr. J. C. Jackson of Dansville, New York, soon after the instruction in regard to health reform was given to Mrs. White in vision, Elder James White had not only asked him for health literature, but suggested a visit to his medical institution in order to observe his methods of treating the sick. From Dr. Jackson’s reply we quote the following, as indicating his hearty spirit of co-operation: SHM 97.1

“I advise you to come yourself to our house, and make yourself acquainted with our ways of doing things. I do not see how, with our great family, we could well take care of yourself, wife, and three sons, without subjecting you to such expense as, unless you are a rich man, you could not afford to pay. But we could take care of you by having you lodge out of the house and give you all the information we possibly can at our clergyman’s price, which is to charge for board and treatment to clergymen, $2.50 per week, they paying the price of their own lodging. Your lodging will cost you about $1.00 or $1.25 per week. ... SHM 97.2

“We shall be happy to do anything we can for you in the way of giving you information, or extending to you any courtesies whereby you may be better qualified and fitted to do your work and to do it well.”—Letter of Dr. J. C. Jackson to Elder James White, August 13, 1863. SHM 97.3