The Story of our Health Message


An Enthusiastic Response

In the church paper correspondents enthusiastically rejoiced in the new light on health reform and testified of great benefits they had received as they had adopted the principles. Elder Isaac Sanborn reported that for ten years he had been afflicted with inflammatory rheumatism and had tried many remedies, but without help. In the spring of 1864 he discontinued the use of pork. In October he adopted the “two-meal system, leaving out meat of every variety.” Having used no medicine of any kind, the only change being in accordance with the recent instruction through the Spirit of prophecy, he says of the happy out-come and his appreciation of the light: SHM 95.1

“I enjoy as perfect health as probably can be enjoyed in this mortal state. I would not return to my old habits of eating for any consideration. ... I thank God for the light He has given upon this subject.”—The Review and Herald, April 11, 1865. SHM 95.2

Elder M. E. Cornell reported that after his wife had nursed him for ten days through a fever, she came down with typhoid. For several days she lay at the point of death. “We knew,” he says, “that to take the drugs of physicians would be in this case certain death.” Water treatments were used, and the attendants did what they could to “give nature a chance to throw off the disease.” With these measures they united the prayer of faith, and Mrs. Cornell was reported to be out of danger. Ibid., October 25, 1864. SHM 95.3

Such experiences related by the ministers as they went about among the churches, together with selected articles in the Review and Herald, helped to make the people health conscious. SHM 96.1

Mrs. White, having completed her writing of a comprehensive statement regarding the health principles that had been shown to her in vision, was ready to turn with interest to learn what she could regarding the progress of the health reform as it was practiced and advocated by others. SHM 96.2