A Call to Stand Apart


Chapter 16—Careers

A Young Adult’s Encounter with Ellen White ... on Careers

Ellen White counseled that every well-educated woman should know how to harness a horse. How could a Victorian woman, who lived at the turn of the twentieth century, help me choose a career at the turn of the twenty-first century? Computer programmer, radiology technician, helicopter pilot, substance abuse counselor—many of my job options didn’t even exist in her lifetime! AC 97.1

Even though Ellen White was not familiar with twenty-first-century technology, she helped me understand the cosmic significance of life. My life matters to God. He wants me to be with Him in heaven. He needs me to choose to do His work on earth. AC 97.2

Based on the advice and counsel of Ellen White, I determined that my mission—career, if you please—was to be a minister of the gospel in everything I did. When people asked me what my college major was, I’d reply, “I’m a ministry student! More than studying about God, I want to learn how to work with, and for, Him!” AC 97.3

So far God has employed me as a dormitory resident assistant, colporteur, youth pastor, and registered nurse. I have continually asked myself, “How can I do this job to make an eternal difference for me or someone else?” Only God knows what work I will do in the future; but through Ellen White I have this career assurance: “Not more surely is the place prepared for us in the heavenly* AC 97.4

mansions than is the special place designated on earth where we are to work for God.”102Christ’s Object Lessons, 327. AC 98.1

Julie, age 24 AC 98.2