Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students


An Appeal

There are some who love the society of the world, who regard the companionship of the worldling as something to be desired above the companionship of those who love God and keep His commandments. Teachers, know enough to obey God. Know enough to follow the footsteps of Jesus, to wear the yoke of Christ. Do you desire the wisdom of God? Then humble yourselves before Him; walk in the way of His commandments; determine that you will make the most of every opportunity granted you. Gather every ray of light that falls across your pathway. Follow the light. Bring the teachings of truth into your life practice. As you humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, He will lift you up. Commit your work to Him; labor in faithfulness, in sincerity, in truth, and you will find that each day's labor brings its reward. CT 235.1

Teachers must have a living faith or they will be separate from Christ. The Saviour does not ask how much favor you have with the world, how much praise you are receiving from human lips; but He does ask you to live so that He can put His seal upon you. Satan is seeking to cast his shadow across your pathway, that he may hinder the success of your work. You must have within you a power from above, that in the name of Jesus of Nazareth you may resist the power which is working from beneath. To have in the heart the Spirit of Christ is of infinitely more consequence than the possession of worldly recognition. CT 235.2

To the teacher is committed a great work—a work for which, in his own strength, he is wholly insufficient. Yet if, realizing his own weakness, he clings to Jesus, he will become strong in the strength of the Mighty One. He must bring to his difficult task the patience, forbearance, and gentleness of Christ. His heart must glow with the same love that led the Lord of life and glory to die for a lost world. Patience and perseverance will not fail of a reward. The best efforts of the faithful teacher will sometimes prove unavailing, yet he will see fruit for his labor. Noble characters and useful lives will richly repay his toil and care. CT 236.1


Human nature is worth working upon. It is to be elevated, refined, sanctified, and fitted with the inward adorning. Through the grace of God in Jesus Christ, which reveals salvation and immortality and life, His heritage are to be educated, not in the minutia of etiquette, the world's fashions and forms, but in the science of godliness. CT 236.2