Counsels to Parents, Teachers, and Students


Increase by Use

The teacher should not think that all his time is to be spent in the study of books. By putting into practice what he learns, he will obtain more than he will by mere study. As he uses his knowledge he will receive more. Some who have but one talent feel that they can do nothing. They hide their talent in the earth, as it were; and because they receive no increase they murmur against God. But if they would use the ability given them, their talent would double. It is by a faithful use of talents that they are multiplied. As we use aright the advantages God gives us, He increases our capabilities for service. CT 234.2

Because you are teachers, do not think that it is unnecessary to obtain a training in the simplest duties of life. Because you are studying books, do not neglect the everyday duties around you. Wherever you are, weave into your life all the usefulness possible, and you will find your minds more capable of expansion, more vigorous in grasping the lessons you endeavor to learn. By performing with faithfulness every practical duty that falls to you, you are becoming better qualified to educate those who need to learn how to do these things. CT 234.3