Humble Hero


How True Servants Are Educated

Jesus chose unschooled fishermen because they had not been trained in the faulty customs of their time. They were men of natural ability, and they were humble and teachable. In the common walks of life, many people are patiently going about their daily work, unconscious that they possess powers that, if called into action, would raise them to equality with the world’s most honored leaders. They need the touch of a skillful hand to awaken those dormant abilities. This is the kind of men Jesus called to be His colaborers. When the disciples emerged from the Savior’s training, they had become like Him in mind and character. HH 108.2

Education’s highest work is to infuse that vitalizing energy that comes through the contact of mind with mind and heart with heart. Only life can create life. What a privilege, then, the disciples had for three years to be in daily contact with that divine life! John the disciple said, “Of His fullness we have all received, and grace for grace.” John 1:16. The lives of these men, the characters they developed, and the mighty work God did through them are a testimony to what God will do for all who are teachable and obedient. There is no limit to the usefulness of those who will put self aside, make room for the working of the Holy Spirit on their hearts, and live a life completely consecrated to God. If we will accept the necessary discipline, God will teach us hour by hour. He takes people as they are and educates them for His service, if they will yield themselves to Him. The Spirit of God, received into the heart, will energize all its powers. The mind that we devote entirely to God develops harmoniously and receives strength to comprehend and fulfill His requirements. The weak character becomes strong and steady. HH 108.3

Constant devotion establishes so close a relationship between Jesus and His followers that Christians become like Him in mind and character. They will have clearer and broader views, their understanding will be sharper, their judgment better balanced. They are enabled to produce much fruit to the glory of God. Christians in humble life have obtained an education in the highest of all schools. They have sat at the feet of Him who spoke as “no man ever spoke.” HH 108.4