Humble Hero


How Jesus Respected All People Alike

Christ found religion fenced in by high walls of seclusion, as if it were too sacred a matter for everyday life. Jesus overthrew these walls. Instead of secluding Himself in a hermit’s cave in order to show His heavenly character, He set to work earnestly for humanity. He taught that religion is not meant only for set times and places. This was a rebuke to the Pharisees. It showed that their self-absorbed devotion to personal interest was far from true godliness. This made them angry, so they tried to make Him conform to their regulations. HH 34.1

Jesus had little money to give, but He often denied Himself food in order to relieve those who were more needy than He. When His brothers spoke harshly to poor, degraded people, Jesus spoke words of encouragement to them. To those in need He would give a cup of cold water and quietly place His own meal in their hands. HH 34.2

All this displeased His brothers. They were older, and they felt that He should have to obey their commands. They accused Him of thinking that He was superior to them and setting Himself above the teachers, priests, and rulers. They often tried to intimidate Him, but He went right on, making the Scriptures His guide. HH 34.3