Humble Hero



Humble Hero is the story of a daring rescue. It tells how one selfless Person—Jesus Christ—risked everything to come here to earth and win back this renegade planet. He could not do so from the safety and comforts of heaven where, as God, He was revered. He must leave all of that behind and be born into this world as a baby, in a family that struggled for a living. For the most part, throughout His life the world did not welcome Him or even understand Him. People opposed Him, plotted to kill Him, eventually beat Him, spit on Him, and crucified Him, but they could not alienate Him or turn Him from His purpose. He died a conqueror, and He rose again to complete His rescue of all who would come to God through Him. There is no greater story in the history of the world or even of the universe. HH 5.1

This volume is an adaptation of From Heaven With Love, a 1984 condensed edition of Ellen G. White’s classic volume, The Desire of Ages. The condensed volume included all the chapters of the original, using only Mrs. White’s own words but shortening the account. HH 5.2

The current adaptation goes a step beyond this, using some words, expressions, and sentence constructions more familiar to twenty-first-century readers. Occasionally, it restores a sentence or clause deleted in the original condensation. Most of the Bible quotations are taken from the New King James Version, which closely resembles the King James Version that Mrs. White commonly used. It is hoped that readers who are new to Mrs. White’s writings will enjoy this adaptation and that it will encourage them to read the original editions of her works. HH 5.3

Humble Hero presents the inspiring, life-changing story of Jesus Christ as the One who can satisfy the deep longings of every heart. It is not the book’s purpose, however, to provide a harmony of the Gospels or to arrange the important events and wonderful lessons of Christ’s life in a strictly chronological order. Its purpose is to present the love of God as revealed in His Son, to show the divine beauty of the life of Christ. HH 5.4

In the following pages, the author opens to the reader great riches from the life of Jesus. Fresh insights flash from many familiar passages of Scripture. The book presents Jesus Christ as the Fullness of the Godhead, the infinitely merciful Savior, the sinner’s Substitute, the Sun of Righteousness, the faithful High Priest, humanity’s compelling Example, the Healer of all human maladies and diseases, the tender, compassionate Friend, the Prince of Peace, the Coming King, the focus and fulfillment of the desires and hopes of all the ages. HH 5.5

There are five powerful volumes in the Conflict of the Ages series. This book was condensed and adapted from the third of the five. That many more readers may be drawn to God through these books and their presentation of Bible themes is the hope and prayer of HH 6.1

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