Humble Hero


Spiritual Healing Often Precedes Physical Healing

Thousands today suffering from physical disease, like the paralyzed man, long for the message, “Your sins are forgiven.” Sin is the foundation of their sicknesses. The Healer of the soul alone can give vigor to the mind and health to the body. HH 119.2

Jesus still has the same life-giving power as He did when He healed the sick and spoke forgiveness to the sinner. He “forgives all your iniquities”; He “heals all your diseases.” Psalm 103:3; see 1 John 3:8; John 1:4-10; 10:10; 1 Corinthians 15:45. HH 119.3

As the man who had been cured passed through the crowd carrying his burden as if it were light as a feather, the people stepped back to give him room. With a look of awe on their faces, they whispered softly among themselves, “We have seen strange things today!” HH 119.4

The Pharisees were speechless with amazement and overwhelmed with defeat. Confused and humiliated, they recognized but did not acknowledge the presence of a superior Being. From Peter’s home, where they had seen the paralytic restored, they went away set in unbelief, determined to invent new schemes for silencing the Son of God. HH 119.5

In the home of the healed man, there was great rejoicing. His family gathered around with tears of joy, scarcely daring to believe their eyes. The flesh that had been shrunken and gray was now fresh and ruddy. He walked with a firm, free step. Joy and hope were written on his face. Purity and peace had taken the place of the marks of sin and suffering. This man and his family were ready to lay down their lives for Jesus. No doubt dimmed their faith in Him who had brought light into their darkened home. HH 119.6