True Education


Chapter 10—God in Nature

On all created things is seen the impress of the Deity. Nature testifies of God. The susceptible mind, brought into contact with the miracle and mystery of the universe, cannot but recognize the working of infinite power. Not by its own inherent energy does the earth produce its bounties and year by year continue its motion around the sun. An unseen hand guides the planets in their circuit of the heavens. TEd 59.1

The same power that upholds nature is working also in humankind. The same great laws that guide both the star and the atom control human life. The laws that govern the heart’s action, regulating the flow of the current of life to the body, are the laws of the mighty Intelligence that has jurisdiction of the soul. From Him all life proceeds. Its true sphere of action can be found only in harmony with Him. To transgress His law, physical, mental, or moral, is to place one’s self out of harmony with the universe, introducing discord, anarchy, and ruin. TEd 59.2

To those who learn thus to interpret its teachings, all nature becomes illuminated; the world is a lesson book, life a school. The unity of human beings with nature and with God, the universal dominion of law, the results of transgression, cannot fail to impress the mind and mold the character. TEd 59.3

These are lessons that our children need to learn. To the little child nature presents an unfailing source of instruction and delight. And for those of older years, needing its silent reminders of the spiritual and eternal, nature’s teaching will be no less a source of pleasure and instruction. The unseen is illustrated by the seen. On everything they may see the image and superscription of God. TEd 59.4

So far as possible, children from their earliest years should be placed where this wonderful lesson book is open before them. Let them look at the glorious scenes painted by the great Master Artist on the shifting canvas of the heavens; let them become acquainted with the wonders of earth and sea; let them watch the unfolding mysteries of the changing seasons, and in all His works learn of the Creator. TEd 60.1