Beginning of the End


Samson, the Strongest Yet Weakest Man

This chapter is based on Judges 13 to 16.

Amid widespread apostasy, the faithful worshipers of God continued to plead with Him deliver Israel. Though it seemed as if there was no response, in the early years of the Philistine oppression a child was born through whom God planned to humble the power of these mighty enemies. BOE 281.1

“The Angel of the Lord” appeared to the childless wife of Manoah with the message that she would have a son through whom God would begin to deliver Israel. The Angel gave her instructions concerning her own habits and also how to treat her child: “Be careful not to drink wine nor similar drink, and not to eat anything unclean.” The child was also forbidden to eat or drink these things. The Angel further instructed that his hair should not be cut, for he was to be consecrated to God as a Nazirite from his birth. BOE 281.2