Beginning of the End


Why We Must Diligently Study God’s Word

Satan is always at work trying to pervert what God has spoken, to darken the understanding and lead people into sin. God is constantly seeking to draw them close under His protection, so that Satan may not use his deceptive power on them. God has stooped low to speak to them with His own voice, to write with His own hand the living law committed to humanity as a perfect guide. Because Satan is so ready to turn the heart from the Lord’s promises and requirements, great effort is needed to anchor them firmly in the mind. BOE 249.4

The facts and lessons of Bible history should be presented in simple language, adapted to the understanding of the young. Parents can interest their children in the variety of knowledge found in the sacred pages. But they must be interested themselves. Those who want their children to love and reverence God must talk of His goodness, His majesty, and His power, as revealed in His Word and in the works of creation. BOE 249.5

Every chapter and every verse of the Bible is a communication from God to us. If studied and obeyed, it would lead God’s people, as the Israelites were led, by the pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. BOE 250.1