Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary



UNAPOCRYPHAL, a. Not apocryphal; not of doubtful authority.

UNAPPALLED, a. Not appalled; not daunted; not impressed with fear.

With eyes erect and visage unappall’d.

UNAPPARELED, a. Not appareled; not clothed.

UNAPPARENT, a. Not apparent; obscure; not visible.

UNAPPEALABLE, a. Not appealable; admitting no appeal; that cannot be carried to a high court by appeal; as an appealable cause.

UNAPPEASABLE, a. s as z.

1. Not to be appeased or pacified; as an unappeasable clamor.

2. Not placable; as unappeasable wrath.

UNAPPEASED, a. s as z. Not appeased; not pacified.

UNAPPLIABLE, a. Inapplicable. [Little used.]

UNAPPLICABLE, a. Inapplicable; that cannot be applied. [We now use inapplicable.]

UNAPPLIED, a. Not applied; not used according to the destination; as unapplied funds.

UNAPPOSITE, a. s as z. Not apposite; not suitable.

UNAPPRECIATED, a. Not duly estimated or valued.


1. Not apprehended; not taken.

2. Not understood.

UNAPPREHENSIBLE, a. Not capable of being understood.


1. Not apprehensive; not fearful or suspecting.

2. Not intelligent; not ready of conception.

UNAPPRISED, a. s as z. Not apprised; not previously informed.

UNAPPROACHABLE, a. That cannot be approached; inaccessible.

UNAPPROACHABLENESS, n. Inaccessibleness.

UNAPPROACHED, a. Not approached; not to be approached.


1. Not appropriated; not applied or directed to be applied to any specific object; as money or funds.

2. Not granted or given to any person, company or corporation; as unappropriated lands.

UNAPPROVED, a. Not approved; not having received approbation.


1. Not apt; not ready or propense.

A soldier, unapt to weep.

2. Dull; not ready to learn.

3. Unfit; not qualified; not disposed; with to, before a verb, and for, before a noun; as unapt to admit a conference with reason.

Unapt for noble, wise, spiritual employments.

4. Improper; unsuitable.

UNAPTLY, adv. Unfitly; improperly.


1. Unfitness; unsuitableness.

2. Dullness; want of quick apprehension.

3. Unreadiness; disqualification; want of propension. The mind, by excess of exertion, gets an unaptness to vigorous attempts.


1. Not argued; not debated.

2. Not disputed; not opposed by argument.

3. Not censured; a Latinism. [Not used.]

UNARM, v.t. To disarm; to strip of armor or arms. [Not used. See Disarm.]


1. Not having an arms or armor; not equipped. Man is born unarmed. It is mean to attack even an enemy unarmed.

2. Not furnished with scales, prickles or other defense; as animals and plants.

UNARRAIGNED, a. Not arraigned; not brought to trial.

UNARRANGED, a. Not arranged; not disposed in order.


1. Not arrayed; not dressed.

2. Not disposed in order.

UNARRIVED, a. Not arrived. [Ill formed.]

UNARTED, a. Ignorant of the arts. [Not in use.]


1. Not artful; artless; not having cunning.

2. Wanting skill. [Little used.]

UNARTFULLY, adv. Without art; in an unartful manner.

[In lieu of these words, artless and artlessly are generally used.]

UNARTICULATED, a. Not articulated or distinctly pronounced.

UNARTIFICIAL, a. Not artificial; not formed by art.

UNARTIFICIALLY, adv. Not with art; in a manner contrary to art.

UNASCENDIBLE, a. That cannot be ascended.

UNASCERTAINABLE, a. That cannot be ascertained, or reduced to a certainty; that cannot be certainly known.

The trustees are unascertainable.

UNASCERTAINED, a. Not reduced to a certainty; not certainly known.


1. Not asked; unsolicited; as, to bestow favors unasked; that was an unasked favor.

2. Not sought by entreaty or care.

The bearded corn ensu’d from earth unask’d.

UNASPECTIVE, a. Not having a view to.

UNASPIRATED, a. Having no aspirate.

UNASPIRING, a. Not aspiring; not ambitious.

UNASSAILABLE, a. Not assailable; that cannot be assaulted.

UNASSAILED, a. Not assailed; not attacked by violence.

To keep my life and honor unassail’d.

UNASSAULTED, a. Not assault’ed not attacked.


1. Not essayed; not attempted. [We now use unessayed.]

2. Not subjected to assay or trial.

UNASSEMBLED, a. Not assembled or congregated.

UNASSERTED, a. not asserted; not affirmed; not vindicated.

UNASSESSED, a. Not assessed; not rated.

UNASSIGNABLE, a. Not assignable; that cannot be transferred by assignment or indorsement.

UNASSIGNED, a. Not assigned; not declared; not transferred.


1. Not assimilated; not made to resemble.

2. In physiology, not formed or converted into a like substance; not animalized, as food.

UNASSISTED, a. Not assisted; not aided or helped; as unassisted reason.

UNASSISTING, a. Giving no help.


1. Not associated; not united with a society.

2. In Connecticut, not united with an association; as an unassociated church.

UNASSORTED, a. Not assorted; not distributed into sorts.

UNASSUMING, a. Not assuming; not bold or forward; not making lofty pretensions; not arrogant; modest; as an unassuming youth; unassuming manners.

UNASSURED, a. [See Sure.]

1. Not assured; not confident; as an unassured countenance.

2. Not to be trusted; as an unassured foe.

3. Not insured against loss; as goods unassured.

UNATONABLE, a. Not to be appeased; not to be reconciled.

UNATONED, a. Not expiated.

A brother’s blood yet unaton’d.


1. Not attached; not arrested.

2. Not closely adhering; having no fixed interest; as unattached to any party.

3. Not united by affection.

UNATTACKED, a. Not attacked; not assaulted.

UNATTAINABLE, a. Not to be gained or obtained; as unattainable good.

UNATTAINABLENESS, n. The state of being beyond the reach or power.

UNATTAINTED, a. Not attainted; not corrupted.

UNATTEMPERED, a. Not tempered by mixture.

UNATTEMPTED, a. Not attempted; not tried; not essayed.

Things unattempted yet in prose or rhyme.


1. Not attended; not accompanied; having no retinue or attendance.

2. Forsaken.

3. Not medically attended; not dressed; as unattended wounds.

UNATTENDING, a. Not attending or listening; not being attentive.

Ill is lost that praise that is address’d to unattending ears.

UNATTENTIVE, a. Not regarding; inattentive. [The latter word is now used.]

UNATTESTED, a. Not attested; having no attestation.

UNATTIRED, a. Not attired; not adorned.

UNATTRACTED, a. Not attracted; not affected by attraction.

UNAUGMENTED, a. Not augmented or increased; in grammar, having no augment, or additional syllable.

UNAUTHENTIC, a. Not authentic; not genuine or true.

UNAUTHENTICATED, a. Not authenticated; not made certain by authority.

UNAUTHORIZED, a. Not authorized; not warranted by proper authority; not duly commissioned.

UNAVAILABLE, a. Not available; not having sufficient power to produce the intended effect; not effectual; vain; useless.

UNAVAILABLENESS, n. Inefficacy; uselessness.

UNAVAILING, a. Not having the effect desired; ineffectual; useless; vain; as unavailing efforts; unavailing prayers.


1. Not avenged; not having obtained satisfaction; as, a person is unavenged.

2. Not punished; as, a crime is unavenged.

UNAVERTED, a. Not averted; not turned away.


1. That cannot be made null or void.

2. Not avoidable; not to be shunned; inevitable; as unavoidable evils.

3. Not to be missed in ratiocination.

UNAVOIDABLENESS, n. That state of being unavoidable; inevitableness.

UNAVOIDABLY, adv. Inevitably; in a manner that prevents failure or escape.


1. Not avoided or shunned.

2. Inevitable. [Not legitimate.]

UNAVOWED, a. Not avowed; not acknowledged; not owned; not confessed.


1. Not awakened; not roused from sleep.

2. Not roused from spiritual slumber or stupidity.

UNAWARE, a. Without thought, inattentive.


1. Suddenly; unexpectedly; without previous preparation. The evil came upon us unawares.

2. Without premeditated design. He killed the man unawares.

At unawares, unexpectedly.

He breaks at unawares upon our walks.

UNAWED, a. Not awed; not restrained by fear; undaunted.


1. Not having been backed; as an unbacked colt.

2. Not tamed; not taught to bear a rider

3. Unsupported; left without aid.

UNBAKED, a. Not baked.


1. Not balanced; not poised; not in equipoise.

Let earth unbalanc’d from her orbit fly.

2. Not adjusted; not settled; not brought to an equality of debt and credit; as an unbalanced account.

3. Not restrained by equal power; as unbalanced parties.

UNBALLAST, v.i. To free from ballast; to discharge the ballast from.


1. Freed from ballast.

2. a. Not furnished with ballast; not kept steady by ballast or by weight; unsteady; as unballasted wits.

“Unballast vessel,” for unballasted, in Addison, is an unauthorized phrase.

UNBANDED, a. Stripped of a band; having no band.

UNBANNERED, a. Having no banner.

UNBAPTIZED, a. Not baptized.

UNBAR, v.t. To remove a bar or bars from; to unfasten; to open; as, to unbar a gate.