Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary



DYSODILE, n. A species of coal of a greenish or yellowish gray color, in masses composed of thin layers. When burning, it emits a very fetid odor.

DYSOREXY, n. [Gr. bad, and appetite.] A bad or depraved appetite; a want of appetite.

DYSPEPSY, n. [Gr. bad, and to concoct.] Bad digestion; indigestion, or difficulty of digestion.

DYSPEPTIC, a. Afflicted with indigestion; as a dyspeptic person.

1. Pertaining to or consisting in dyspepsy; as a dyspeptic complaint.

DYSPHONY, n. [Gr. bad, hard; and voice.] A difficulty of speaking, occasioned by an ill disposition of the organs of speech.

DYSPNOEA, n. A difficulty of breathing.

DYSURY, n. [Gr. urine.] Difficulty in discharging the urine, attended with pain and a sensation of heat.