History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century (table)

History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century (0000)

by J. H. Merle D’Aubigne, D.D.,

President of the Theological School of Geneva, and Vice President of the Societe Evangelique.

Volumes I., II., and III., translated by H. White, B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge, M.A. and Ph. Dr. Heidelberg, and carefully revised by the author, who has made numerous important additions not to be found in any other translation; vol. IV. the english original by Dr. Merle D’Aubigne’, assisted by Dr. White; and vol. V. translated by Dr. White, and carefully revised by the author BSI

Biblical Studies Institute Hermosa, South Dakota

J’appelle accessoire, l’estat des affaires de coste vie caduque et transitoire. J’appelie principal, le gouvernement spirituel auquel reluit souverainement la providence de Dieu.—Théodore de Bèze. HRSC 1.1

By accessory, I mean the state of affairs in this frail and transitory life; by principal, the spiritual government in which God’s providence rules supreme.—Theodore Beza. HRSC 1.2

Reproduced from the edition issued in London in 1846, formerly printed by Baker Book House in September, 1976, now reprinted by Biblical Studies Institute in October, 1992. HRSC 1.3