General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1




The Lord sent us money to start that work, as you know, by giving us $30,000. I had a letter from the lady yesterday who gave this money; and she expresses herself as entirely satisfied with the results of the investment, and as having entire confidence in the management of that institution. Connected with the Orphans’ Home is the Old People’s Home. Two cottages are filled. We have had many more applications than the number we could receive, but we have received as many as we have been able to provide for, and these old people have been given comfortable homes. GCB February 4, 1895, page 4.5

We have also a Widows’ Home. Here widows are received who have children, and who are unable to provide for them and properly care for them. In this home there are four mothers, and eighteen children all of whom are younger than ten years of age. The mothers had no homes, were dependent upon others, and had no support. they could not care for the children and support them at the same time. If they went out to work, the children must run in the streets; and if they remained at home to care for them, they were without support. You can see at once the great hardships they were enduring without homes of their own. We have given the mothers employment; and the children are cared for in the Home, and are taught in the Home school. GCB February 4, 1895, page 4.6

Another line of work is the GCB February 4, 1895, page 4.7