General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1




Bands are organized in different places to look after the sick and needy, to care for the cold and hungry. There are many places in the West at the present time where people are suffering with cold and hunger, and starvation is staring them right in the face. No people in the world should be so alive to the needs of all in such conditions as our people. There are those in every city, village, and neighborhood who need help. The sick need nursing, the hungry should be fed. The ignorant need to be taught. Many do not know how to work, or how to find work. They have no confidence in any one, and are waiting for some one to come and inspire confidence. There are homeless ones and friendless ones who need to be looked after, and provided for. I think about six or seven hundred children have been provided with homes through our Christian Help work. A great many grown persons have also found comfortable homes. GCB February 4, 1895, page 4.8

There is also the Mothers’ work. Many mothers do not know how to care for their children. Much might be done to teach them. They might be taught to care for the health of their children, to give them proper food and comfortable clothing. Many feel that there is nothing they can do; but here are lines of work which all can do who have a mind to work. Everywhere there are openings for something to be done. GCB February 4, 1895, page 4.9