Sunday Legislation



There are just two authorities to whom, as respects law or government, anybody in the world is under any obligation to render anything. These two are God and Cesar. Accordingly the Lord Jesus declared this truth thus: “Render therefore unto Cesar the things which are Cesar’s, and unto God the things which are God’s.” SLOC 27.2

Sunday legislation and Sunday observance come from neither God nor Cesar. SLOC 27.3

It is not of God; for, as the evidence shows, in the very beginning of it, it was set up as a sign of the false and human theocracy of the man of sin in the place of God, showing himself that he is God, to supplant the Sabbath of the Lord as the sign of the true and divine Theocracy in which God Himself is God alone. SLOC 27.4

It is not of Cesar; for, as the evidence shows, it was not as Cesar—the head of the State, but solely as potifex maximus—the head of religion, that Constantine decreed Sunday to be a sacred day and established its observance; and this under the inspiration and demand of “the Church” which is neither God nor Cesar. SLOC 28.1

Therefore, since it is from neither God nor Cesar, but only from “the church” through a heathen “head of religion,” there is no obligation, no ground, and no room, for anybody in the universe ever to render to anybody any observance of it in any way whatever. SLOC 28.2