Sunday Legislation



It is undeniable then, that Sunday legislation is religious and ecclesiastical, and, as such, and under whatever plea, is unconstitutional and “a persecution” everywhere in the United States. But even if it were constitutional here, as it is in England and France and Spain and Russia, it would still he wrong. As religious and ecclesiastical, Sunday legislation is wrong of itself and never can by any possibility he right. SLOC 25.3

King Nebuchadnezzar, as against the three Hebrew young men, made a law having a religious basis and character. But God taught him and all kings and people forever, that it was wrong. SLOC 26.1

The Medo-Persian government, as against Daniel, enacted a statute of inflexible law having a religious basis and character. But God taught that government and all governments and people forever that it was wrong. SLOC 26.2

And it is worth noting that this scheme of getting Sunday observance enacted into law and then pleading the claims of “the law,” “the State,” etc., is in exact parallel with that scheme of the conspirators against Daniel. SLOC 26.3

And as for the church “making use of the power of the State for the furtherance of her aims,” which could not possibly he with any other than religious intent—that by this slimy, serpentine trick there was accomplished by the church her “aim” at the crucifixion of the Lord of Glory, this is sufficient demonstration wide universe and for eternity that such combination and the procedure under it is supremely and Satanically wrong. SLOC 26.4

Thus there is a higher law and a mightier Authority than any of earth; that is the will and authority of God. Religion is the duty which intelligences owe to their Creator, and the manner of discharging that duty. The religion therefore, of every soul stands only between him and the Sovereign of the soul. Therefore, though Sunday legislation were constitutional in every State or government on earth, still, as being religious, it would be altogether wrong; because it is an invasion of the realm, and a usurpation of the authority and jurisdiction, of God. SLOC 27.1