The Nature and Tendency of Modern Spiritualism



Chapter One. The Manner and Locality of its Rise-Ancient and Modern Sorcery-The Existence of Evil7
Chapter Two. Divine Warnings Against Satanic Workings-Departing from the Faith-Seducing Spirits28
Chapter Three. Doctrines of Devils-They Deny the Bible-God-Jesus Christ, in Person and Office-His Coming-And the Resurrection35
Chapter Four. They Destroy all Distinctions of Eight and Wrong-They Deny Law-Accountability-Punishment for Sin62
Chapter Five. Their Tendency Is to Atheism and Immorality75
Chapter Six. The Spirits Cannot Be Identified84
Chapter Seven. They Are not the Spirits of the Dead-They Are the Spirits of Devils99
Chapter Eight. Dangers of Mediumship-Spirit Control-Evil Propensities-Gratification through Mediums-Consequent Crimes124
Chapter Nine. They Oppose Marriage-Their Present Progress138
Chapter Ten. The Religion of Reason-Babylon Becomes the Habitation of Devils-The Kings of the Earth Deceived-Consummation-Conclusion162