The Nature and Tendency of Modern Spiritualism



While the library of Spiritualist publications, already large, is fast increasing, it is by no means surprising that books should be written against Spiritualism. Several have been presented to the public; some professing to expose it as a humbug-an illusion; others endeavoring to explain it on natural principles, as originating in magnetism, od force, etc. These works, in the main, give evidence of learning, and a knowledge of science and philosophy. Had we any idea that this is the proper method of meeting the issue, we should not think it necessary to add to the list. But we have thought from the beginning of the work of Spiritualism that it was Satanic in its nature and origin, and immoral in its tendency; and that the word of God presented the only antidote to its seductions. NTMS 3.1

While we believe that in these pages is contained the only true solution of these mysterious phenomena, we would remind the readers that an intellectual conviction, or mere belief of the truth, will not shield them from the power of these deceptions. Nothing short of humble obedience to the truth, walking in the Spirit of God, will shield from the spirit of error. “If any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.” NTMS 3.2

J. H. W.