This Day With God


Watch Your Words, September 13

It is written.... It is written again.... For it is written. Matthew 4:4-10. TDG 265.1

Some who in times past have been honored of God, have become ensnared by the deceptions of the enemy. They have been warned of their danger, but in refusing to hear the warnings sent them, they have become more and more deceived, until finally they are found fighting against the Lord and against His workers. TDG 265.2

Those who stand upon the rock of eternal truth will sometimes meet such opposition as will call for very decided action. At such times let every word be carefully weighed, lest you injure the souls of those you desire to help. Keep your tongue as with a bridle. Remember that God has not given to you the work of judging your brethren.... TDG 265.3

From the Word of God gather all the comfort and encouragement possible, and present this to souls struggling with perplexities and difficulties. But never bring a railing accusation against those who are deceived.... TDG 265.4

In meeting the enemy in the wilderness, Christ's response to his wicked insinuations was, “It is written.” When Satan presumed to claim the ownership of the whole world, and asked Christ to worship him as God, He who with a word might have called to His assistance legions of angels, merely said, “Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve” (Matthew 4:10). The intensity of this conflict we but partly understand. It seemed as though the Saviour would die on the field of battle, but He withstood the wily foe. His words so carefully chosen, were as sharp as a two-edged sword. Satan was thoroughly repulsed. He realized that the Prince of Life could not be deceived by any sophistry. TDG 265.5

We are now upon the field of conflict.... TDG 265.6

Let the Word of God be our study.... TDG 265.7

To as many as believe in Him, Christ gives power to become the sons of God. Those who are thus denominated as members of the royal family will live for Him who is the propitiation for their sins. As they follow on to know the truth, their feet are planted on the sure foundation. Neither flood nor storm can sweep away their foundation.—Letter 289, September 13, 1905, to “My Brethren in the Ministry.” TDG 265.8