This Day With God


Little Men—Big Subjects, July 27

Will a man leave the snow of Lebanon which cometh from the rock of the field? or shall the cold flowing waters that come from another place be forsaken? Jeremiah 18:14. TDG 217.1

We do not want to drink of the turbid streams of the valley. We do not want the corrupted sophistry of infidelity. Because many are so ready to give in to doubt and questioning, infidels are made bold. God help us that we may drink of the pure streams that flow from beneath the throne of God. We can drink, and continue to drink. And, if you thirst for knowledge, there is plenty of it here.... TDG 217.2

Many think themselves wonderfully wise in understanding the sentiments of infidel writers, but they will find that they are building upon a sandy foundation. They are not building upon the solid Rock. The storm of persecution, the storm of trial comes, and sweeps that foundation away, and they have nothing upon which to stand. What we want is to rivet our souls to the Eternal Rock.... TDG 217.3

Brother [Alfred S.] Hutchins was at one time riding in Vermont and he met a lawyer. “Well,” said the lawyer, “I understand that you are a Seventh-day Adventist.” “Yes.” “Well,” said he, “you are nothing but little men.” “Yes, we know that,” said Brother Hutchins, “but we are handling mighty subjects. It is by the study of these mighty subjects that we are trying to get truth before the people.” This is what we want—the mighty subjects that will make men wise unto salvation. TDG 217.4

Just as soon as you begin to think you are big men, and that you are so large that you can comprehend and pick out all that is precious in infidel authors, and leave out all that is vile, then you are wise above that which is written.... The devil is right by your side, and the evil angels are there. The devil is a great deal smarter than you are, and you cannot see what he is driving at. He will so cunningly interweave his sentiments with the thoughts of these writers, that it will be impossible to distinguish the error which they contain.... TDG 217.5

If you want to be counted a wise man in God's eyes, come right to the cross of Calvary, and get the inspiration that comes from it, and your name will be written as a wise man, who built his house upon the Rock.—Manuscript 8b, July 27, 1891, “Talk to the Teachers.” TDG 217.6