This Day With God


Adorning the Gospel, June 9

Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips; I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food. Job 23:12. TDG 169.1

Only those who read the Scriptures as the voice of God speaking to them are true learners. They tremble at the Word of God, for to them it is a living reality. They study, they search for the hidden treasure. They open their understanding and heart to receive, and they pray for heavenly grace, that they may obtain a preparation for the future, immortal life. TDG 169.2

As the heavenly torch is placed in his hand, man sees his own frailty, his infirmity, his hopelessness in looking to himself for righteousness. In himself there is nothing that can recommend him to God. He prays for the Holy Spirit, the representative of Christ, to be his constant guide, to lead him into all truth.... TDG 169.3

A bare assent to the truth is not Bible religion.... There are many Christians whose hearts are encased in a self-righteous armor that the arrow of the Lord, barbed and true, aimed by angel hands, would fail to pierce. The truth glides off, and the soul is not wounded. Man must first seek God for himself, then the Holy Spirit will take the precious truth, far above the price of rubies, as it falls from the lips of Jesus, and convey it, a living power, to the obedient heart. The truth, received in the heart becomes a quickening power, awakening every faculty. It is a divine influence that touches the heart and creates the heavenly music that flows forth from the lips in pure thanksgiving and praise. TDG 169.4

O what can I say in order to awaken the minds of those who profess to believe the truth, that they may adorn the gospel by a faith that works by love and purifies the soul. Christ bids you look to Him as the Illuminator of your darkened souls.... TDG 169.5

The curiosity of men has led them to seek for the tree of knowledge; and often they think they are plucking fruit most essential, when, like Solomon's research, they find it altogether vanity and nothingness in comparison with that science of true holiness which will open to them the gates of the city of God.... TDG 169.6

Every human agent must see that the great and important work for him in this life is to receive the divine likeness, to prepare a character for the future life. He must appropriate the heavenly truths to his special use in practical life.—Manuscript 67, June 9, 1898, “Search the Scriptures.” TDG 169.7