The Upward Look


How the Leaven of Evil Works, October 6

Know ye not that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump? 1 Corinthians 5:6. UL 293.1

I have had presented to me how the leaven of evil will work. Satan has come down in great wrath, knowing that he hath but a short time in which to work. He will work with all deceivableness of unrighteousness. Those who in their past experience have had great light but have not cherished that light nor purified their souls by obeying the truth will meet with great loss.... UL 293.2

The spirit of antichrist is developing rapidly. Soon there will be a time when those who follow their own human nature, who manifest a love for supremacy, will be found to be on the losing side. The Lord has abased kings, and He will say to all who, while professing to serve Him, ... make a display and depart from His counsel: “What doest thou to declare My law, while thou thyself livest in transgression?” ... UL 293.3

Let everyone who considers it is his privilege to do as he pleases remember that the Lord will allow him to have his way, but he will be brought through bitter experiences. It is the truth, my brethren, that we all need, the truth that works by love and purifies the soul.... UL 293.4

Has God made the world, and then left it entirely to the jurisdiction of men? Has He retired from the scene of action, and left it to the domination of human agencies? How can it be that among those who profess to obey Him and to serve Him, there shall be strife and variance? What a terrible thing [it] is [for] sin to intrude itself, to manifest itself in apostasy, rebellion, and discord in God's fair domain! ... UL 293.5

The Lord created all the heavenly intelligences. Lucifer, exalted to be a beautiful, glorious being in the heavenly courts, brought in jealousy [and] evil surmising because he himself was not in the position of God. He declared that man was bound and fettered if he made God first and last and best in everything. God had not previously been obliged to speak of allegiance to His laws, for there had been no occasion for the least disaffection till it was introduced by Satan. UL 293.6

We still see the deceptive working of Satan on every side. God would have us plant our feet firmly upon the platform of His truth, that we may not be deceived by ... [Satan's] wonderful representations. In the rock Christ Jesus is our only safety.—Letter 310, October 6, 1906, to “Brother [W. D.] Salisbury and Those Connected With the Echo Publishing Company,” in Australia. UL 293.7